Easy and fun!

Very user-friendly!

Spanish - Keep It Simple

Learn to construct and personalize basic sentences to have everyday conversations in a variety of settings. Whether it's your first time studying Spanish, or you've tried once before but felt it was too complicated, Spanish - Keep It Simple will work for you.

Anyone, even the very beginner, can learn when it's presented using a common-sense approach. Our method is simple because we refuse to get caught up with all the technical difficulties.

You'll feel as though you have your own private tutor!
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This program will work for you because...

  • It’s based on common words used in everyday conversations.

  • You’ll learn basic sentence construction through key patterns.

  • There’s no guesswork. Along with a few basic rules woven throughout the book, we provide the guidance that will make you feel as though you have your own private tutor.

  • We provide plenty of examples for you to practice with.

  • Audio CD – The native speaker reads sentences at a slower pace than what’s generally spoken so you can distinguish between one word and the next.

  • Spending just 15-30 minutes daily, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your progress.

Essential and practical topics empower you to be able to
engage in day-to-day conversations.

With each useful and practical topic, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to create sentences in order to engage in new and different conversations. You’ll learn lots of important, common words, how to piece them together, how to ask and answer questions, and so much more. What you learn from one topic carries over to the next, and the next, to broaden your horizons.
It’s all connected, it all adds up.

Learn Spanish

     Spanish - Keep It Simple

At the table
Food, condiments, dishes, silverware, and more

Family members
Personalities, moods, and other descriptions

Formally addressing people

Out and about
Places to go, things to do


Personal Items

Around the house
Rooms, furniture, appliances

Describing things
Colors, size, taste

Locations of objects or people

Numbers and Telling Time

Learn Spanish

Spanish - Keep It Simple

Days of the week


The Weather

Exchanging Personal Information

And More

(For those of you who want to learn more)
Spanish - Keep It Simple

Look, listen, and learn. Have fun speaking Spanish today!

Track #1 will give you a quick-start entry into your journey of speaking a new language.
Learn a few greetings and other niceties now, and use them throughout the day.
Expect smiles and a possible ‘Hola’ right back at you. How fun!
As you practice for real, it should be easy enough to recruit others around you to learn along with you.

Good morning.
Buenos días.
Good night.
Buenas noches.
One moment.
Un momento.

Yes, please.
Sí, por favor.
Thank you.
You’re welcome.
De nada.
Excuse me.
See you later.
Hasta luego.

How are you?
¿Cómo estás?
I am well.
Estoy bien.
And you?
¿Y tú?
Not bad.
No mal.
Speak slowly.
Hablar lentamente.

Did you know that...?

Spanish is generally spoken quite quickly, the words tend to all run into each other. To someone just starting out, when sentences are spoken, often times it’s impossible to distinguish between one word and the next. However, studies conclude that when the audio is slowed down, not only does the learner excel, but he gains confidence. They also suggest that slowing down the audio is a necessary step that needs to be taken in a language program for beginners. And we’ve done just that.
Our native speaker reads at a pace that allows you to identify the individual words, yet maintains the flow of each sentence. As you listen to each of the thirty tracks while following along in the book, you’ll amaze yourself just how quickly you absorb your new language.

Did you also know that...?

We want you to use your time wisely. For the sake of efficiency, and to keep things lively, each audio track consists only of your new Spanish words and sentences with its English counterpart. That’s it! There is no wasted listening time concerning rules or comments or anything else, etc. Those things can be found anytime in the book at a flip of the page.